SULA (Wild Girl Sara) 29th June 2008


Sula came to us approx 5 years ago and was the 2nd Malamute into the team.

Sula came to us via AMCUK Rescue as a very timid and nervous 6 month old pup.

She settled in well with Jackson and her confidence and working ability came on leaps and bounds in the first few months she was with us.

Initially teamed up with Jackson our first malamute she is now teamed up with Bandit and runs in M2 class with Vanessa.

Sula is now our senior dog in the pack and is now 6 years old, she loves working in harness and never gives up when on the trail.


BANDIT (Son of Sylar) 1 April 2009

Bandit came to us approx 4 years ago and was the 3rd malamute to join our team.

Bandit came to us via AMCUK Rescue at a year and a half old, a very confident dog who lives up to his name.

Bandit is brillient in harness and runs with Sula in M2 class, he is now the Alpha male in our pack and keeps the other Mooters in check when the pack gets unruley.

Bandit is now 5 years of age and loves working in harness, he has also done the Snowdon walk with the MMG with a backpack.



 BLAZE (Orbital Blaze) 6th May 2011

Blaze joined the pack in February 2013 again coming to us via AMCUK Rescue.

Blaze has had no prior training or experience in working but like any Malamute the instinct is there to pull.

He has been out on various trainig runs and is gaining experience in pulling a rig, he will eventually be teamed up with Wookiee to run M2 class when Wookiee is ready for training.

WOOKIEE (Austmans All Guns Blazin) 13th April 2013

Wookie is the 6th introduction to the Frostypaws Kennel.

Wookiee came to us via the Austmans Kennel, a very confident pup and is into everything, very lively and always doing what he shouldnt we are looking forward to getting Wookiee into harness to start his training, we hope to have him running in M2 class with Blaze in the 2014 season.

JACKSON (Snowfrost Blue Diamond) Rainbow Bridge


Jackson was 5 when he crossed over the bridge due to a blood disorder.

Being the foundation dog and pack leader of the kennel we learnt a lot about the breed from Jackson and use the experience gained to bring out the best in our new team.

Jacksons ashes have been scattered at Carter Barracks, a place visited by us every year on our holiday to Salisbury AMWA weekends.


KAITO (Polarpaws Moon River) Rainbow Bridge


Kaito was 2 when he crossed over the bridge after a long term of Epilepsy.

In his short life Kaito did train in harness and run in one competition run.

He did many training runs teamed up with Jackson and was very much a sofa dog, always on the sofa cuddled up with a member of the family.

Kaitos ashes were scattered at Carter Barracks so the two boys will always be together.

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